Laminate (CPL (Continuos Press Laminated)) - is modern, technological, paper overlay laminate, far different from the other films, which has a higher durability. The coating completely imitates wood structure and color, resistant to UV light, easy to clean, resistant to scratches and mechanical damage. The laminated doors have outstanding esthetic characteristics. They will serve for a long time and at the same time look dignified.

Door construction:
  1. The frame comprises sawn softwood and MDF board.
    1a – Softwood bar – natural material that gives lightness and durability to the door construction.
    1b – MDF - medium density fibreboard. It provides additional hardness to the frame of the door and ensures reliable gluing of the edge materials.
  2. The door frame filled with high-quality stabilizing core honeycomb, which also provides lightness, excellent soundproofing and strength to the door.
  3. The door is covered with MDF boards decorated with laminate (CPL). The door leaf is assembling under hot pressing with the use of environmentally friendly PVA glue.